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Stan Reeves has overseen the Founders website from the beginning. Along with making sure that it is populated with a wealth of solid material Stan has maintained lists that enable individuals to connect with each other and with churches in their locale. Those lists are being updated and we need your help. If you are on a list, please make sure your information is correct. If you are not listed, now is a good time to sign up. Read Stan’s comments and instructions below. Thanks! -ta

For many years Founders Ministries has maintained a list of Founders-friendly churches and individuals on our web site.  The church list has proved quite useful for people looking for a sound, biblical church in their area or for finding a church while traveling.  Our church regularly has visitors who tell me they found us on the Founders-friendly churches list.  The list of individuals is useful for people who want to find others in their area for the purpose of church planting or fellowship.

Founders is making a renewed effort to make sure these lists are up to date and remain current.  We are asking for your help so we can keep these listings current and useful. If you or your church is included on our list, please go to our website and verify or update your information. Listings that have not been verified in over a year will be retired, and we may have no way to contact you to let you know.  A current email address is crucial.

If you haven’t verified your information recently, or if you would like to submit a new entry and join one of the lists, you can find the lists on our website (under Resources) or follow one of the links below. If you would like your entry removed, please indicate that as well so that we can avoid unnecessary effort and expense to update the database.

To update, verify or remove your entry:  Church Listing  / Individual Listing

To add a new entry:  Church Listing  /  Individual Listing


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