Founders Press and Logos Bible Software


Logos Bible SoftwareFounders Press is pleased to announce that we are now partnering with Faithlife, the maker of Logos Bible Software. Soon you will be able to read and study Founders Press titles and issues of the Founders Journal on one of the most versatile and powerful Bible software programs available.

Four Founders collections are now available for pre-order on the Logos website:

Founders Study Guide Commentaries

The Founders Press Theology Collection

The Founders Press Ministry Collection

The Founders Journal

A solid and robust theological library is a great asset to those who teach and preach the Word of God. The usefulness of such a library is increased exponentially by the powerful tools available in Logos. One of the best features of Logos 6 is its ability to search your library (your resources and Bibles) and organize the results of the search into an easy and intuitive guide to enhance your study. Those who have used resources from Founders Press know that our books are filled with Scripture references; many include Scripture indices at the end. Logos makes searching books and articles for specific verses and passages fast and simple. It is also easy to search for topics or people. The results of the search are organized under headings such as commentaries, journals and cross references. It will be of great value to our readers to have Founders Press titles available in Logos. And it will be a great benefit to those who use Logos to have the rich content and theological depth of Founders Press added to their libraries.

The four Founders Press collections are now gathering interest (measured by the number of pre-orders placed). Once there are enough pre-orders, Logos will begin the work of creating the digital versions. Pre-order these collections now! You will help us make these Logos editions of the Founders Press titles a reality and you will lock in the best price for the collections.

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