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Though I normally do not blog on Saturdays, this one deserves to be made known early and widely. The M-Fuge prayer experience that I wrote about has provoked much interest. People have written me privately as well as commented publicly. Some have expressed disbelief, understandably so. Others have asked–again, understandably–for verification. A few have just assumed that I could not have my facts straight because… well, for a lot of reasons.

I am certainly not above making mistakes either in understanding or in communicating. For this reason, I want to make you aware of a place where you can read the whole account from Jared Moore, the youth minister I quoted. He tells all on his blog, “Buddhist Prayer @ M-Fuge.”

Jared includes a follow-up letter that was sent out from Lifeway to those who participated in the week. The documentation he provides, along with his insightful comments, is well worth reading.

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3 Responses to “Get it from the horse’s mouth”

  1. Tom,
    Thanks for following up on this. Issues like this make me question the future of our SBC. Is the whole thing just too BIG for effective and accountable cooperation?

  2. I can’t say that I’m too surprised to see Blackaby’s teachings pointed to as justification for this odd event… I was absolutely floored when I read “Experiencing God” after it became so popular.

  3. As an M-Fuge alum, I am glad that you brought this to the attention of your readers. The team that I worked with during the summer I was employed by Fuge struggled with several aspects of the program that we were told to present. Thankfully, we had a solid staff who was very discerning, but I have heard from many friends who continue to work for Fuge that many changes need to be made in that department. Hopefully Jared’s persistance and the attention you have brought to it will bring those changes about. I can’t see Dr. Rainer allowing that department to go unchecked once he takes over.

    On a personal note, I have had some contact with Tony Jones, the guy who wrote the exercise. On one occasion I asked him to give a bried description of the gospel. His response was, “the good news of/in Jesus Christ.” I was not impressed to say the least.


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