Hurricane relief update


Fred Malone writes:

We are glad to report that your generous gifts for our Hurricane Relief Fund are being used with great benefit. We have received the amazing sum of over $185,000 to date and have already distributed almost $50,000 to the 10 churches we have targeted. For the past week we have been in touch with most of the 10 churches and have found out more about their specific needs. (read more)

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2 Responses to “Hurricane relief update”

  1. I would like to know if Pontchartrain Baptist was one of the churches you targeted. It was right next to the breach in the 17th street levee. As far as I knew they had not been contacted by the Founders Ministries.

  2. d.r.,
    Fred Malone has tried to contact PBC, but without success. If you know of a way that we can do so, please let us know.



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