iMonk’s analysis of the SBC


Michael Spencer has a very insightful observations on Southern Baptist life in this article. He is a long-time Southern Baptist and has a keen eye for analysis. If you have any interest in the SBC, or if you ever wonder what in the world is going on in the SBC, his thoughts are worth reading.

His last expressed wish, however, leaves him open to the charge of BUI (blogging under the influence).

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6 Responses to “iMonk’s analysis of the SBC”

  1. That was quite a post…very thoughtful. I really like to look at the issues, and try to discuss them. I think that’s one thing we don’t do enough in churches many times.

    But when the Word of God is being preached, we’ll understand where God is leading us.


  2. I agree Tom, I think iMonk is often insightful, usually in a subversive but still thoughtful way. I liked this post too.


  3. Oh for the day (like NOW) when Rick Warren will disavow any relation to the SBC. Unfortunately, he is too smart for that. He will only do that according to his own timing. Right now, he is in the process of kidnapping the SBC children, and must maintain that connection for a time.

    The doctrines of grace are so comforting. I KNOW that all that my Heavenly Father gave to the Son, SHALL come to Him. Isn’t it amazing Tom, that He uses means like us to preach the gospel so that those He has ordained to eternal life might hear.

    I think Spencer has a good take on the situation. I am not a fan of the BHT, but this was very insightful.

    I, however, am so confident of God
    calling men to ‘preach the word’!!
    Men that will not just preach/teach sound doctrine, but WILL REFUTE false doctrine and the little purple books they espouse them in!

  4. I enjoyed the post as well. I can certainly relate to one of the reasons “younger leaders” start churches is to avoid often stupid problems in some of our other churches.

    Rick Warren becomes interesting subject matter, no matter who is talking about him. There are many things, I believe, that are good in the PDL or the PDC books that we can take away. However, I do concur that it is best to read those books with an eyebrow raised and an open Bible (like an ESV, NASB, HCSB) so that certain passages can be examined in context. That way we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, but we get rid of the dingy water the baby was bathing in, so to speak. :)

    I do truly hope for genuine reformation in the SBC and a recovery of biblical evangelism and soteriology. I hope a lot of things iMonk said in his predictions were wrong, though I fear that he was not. Time indeed will tell, but this may motivate me to move the reformation of the SBC from my weekly prayerlist to my daily one.

    Thanks, iMonk and Tom. You have my highest respect.

    Dave Hewitt
    Luke 17:10
    1 Cor 10:31

  5. Anybody know why the link to the Imonk article no longer works? I checked out his site in general and teh article seems to have been removed. Did I just miss it?


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