Katrina relief efforts update


Pastor Fred Malone and Heritage Baptist Church of Clinton, Louisiana continue to coordinate hurricane relief efforts for Founders Ministries through several churches that were severely affected on the Gulf Coast. You may still contribute to this effort via Founders Ministries.

In his latest update, Fred writes, “I am glad to report that we have received almost $100,000 from ARBCA churches, Founders churches, and individuals…” (read more).

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2 Responses to “Katrina relief efforts update”

  1. Thanks Tom for the update. Earlier you had mentioned the possibility of trying to get books in the hands of pastors to try and begin the process of rebuilding their libraries. Any progress in that direction? Thanks.

  2. Ken,

    We do have some money that is set aside for that and I have been in touch with some publishers who are intersted in helping. Anyone who would like to assist may designate their gifts by noting that they are for “Pastors’ book fund.”

    Thanks for asking.


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