Lakeshore Baptist Church in Mississippi


I just learned that Lakeshore Baptist Church near Bay St. Louis, MS had their building completely destroyed by the hurricane. Don Elbourne, who writes the blog, Locusts and Wild Honey, is the pastor. He has moved in with family in Baton Rouge. I originally stated that the church is in Baton Rouge, but that was a mistake. Read Don’s commment for clarification. You may contribute financially to help them with their recovery and learn more about their needs by reading Don’s blog or going to their church’s website. His pictures and stories give a very personal perspective on the incredible challenge now facing many of our brothers and sisters.

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3 Responses to “Lakeshore Baptist Church in Mississippi”

  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the link and your prayers.

    One correction though; the church is in Lakeshore MS, just outside of Waveland/ Bay St. Louis. I lived in New Orleans and we will not be able to return home for weeks or months – that is if we have a home left. My parents in Baton Rouge have taken my family in and we are using their address for now since it will be quite some time before the church can receive mail in Lakeshore. Not only did Katrina take our church buildings, but all our church member’s homes as well.

  2. Don:

    Thanks for the correction. We are praying for you and the church. I appreciate the information you are giving us on your blog. I want to stay up to date on you and the church.

  3. Destroying a Church really sounds painful. What if somebody want’s to contribute financially and get gobbled by some mediators? I pray for those brothers and sisters facing the same problem, hoping soon there would be a solution for this kind of mishap.
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