Nettles and Dever at the Evangelical Forum


Since I am in the middle of giving comments on Tom Nettles’ new book, Ready for Reformation?, I thought I would let you know about a meeting next week where he and Mark Dever will be speaking at the Evangelical Forum in Alexandria, Virginia on November 9, 2005. Those interested can get more information here.

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8 Responses to “Nettles and Dever at the Evangelical Forum”

  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the info on the conference. I bought Nettles new book today. Just finished chapter three. Thanks for the info on the book. Of course the book is awesome.

    On a serious note ” What is going on at Texas A&M Football program ?” You should have kept Slocum. Texas A&M can draw a big name.

  2. Today, on the “Albert Mohler Program”, Dr. Nettles was the guest as they discussed Luther and the Reformation.

    It’s definitely worth listening to. It’s a great blessing being here at Southern, able to interact w/ Nettles, Dever & others. Anything that comes from the mouth of these two is worth driving 100 miles or so to hear. I highly recommend making the drive if you live anywhere near. Unfortunately, I won’t make. But I second Tom – Somebody take good notes and maybe Tom will allow a “guest blog”.


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