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From the Protestant Reformation to the SBCEighteen years ago Founders Press offered its first publication. It was a short booklet entitled From the Protestant Reformation to the Southern Baptist Convention: What Hath Geneva to Do with Nashville. In that booklet Tom Ascol made a clear case for the connection and continuity between the doctrinal convictions of the 16th-century Protestant Reformation, known as the doctrines of grace, and the convictions of the founding fathers of the Southern Baptist Confession. Dr. Ascol explains in the introduction:

From the Protestant Reformation uses a historical argument in order to make that theological point. What our forefathers believed and taught about the nature of God’s saving grace is worthy of our careful study. They were men committed to the authority and clarity of God’s Word just as strongly as we are today. They did exegesis and exposition just as we do. We should be willing to listen to them.

Perhaps they were wrong. If we become convinced of that then let’s be bold to state it plainly. If we are unwilling to make that conclusion, then let’s allow for the legitimacy of their doctrinal views and not fight against the growing recovery of them in our day. Baptists have a rich theological heritage. Lessons from that heritage can serve us well as we chart a God-glorifying course for the future.

Founders Press has now published a revised and updated edition of the book (hard cover, 152 pages) that includes the full texts of the Charleston Confession of Faith and the Summary of Church Discipline.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this book for a special prepub price (now through June 30, 2014). The book is also available in digital formats (ePub for iBooks and the Nook and mobi for Kindle) in our online store.

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