Responding biblically to disasters


Hurricane Wilma is setting records this morning as it veers north into the storm-weary Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters are once again putting Southwest Florida right in the middle of the “cone of uncertainty.” Our church is about to shift into preparation mode, hopefully implementing plans born out of lessons learned from last year’s hurricane season. I will most likely not be blogging much this week.

Living in hurricane alley, experiencing a direct hit from category 4 Charley last year and sitting helplessly 1200 miles away as family and friends were displaced by Katrina and Rita have forced me to think frequently about disasters. Over the last 20 years I have preached several times on this theme. The most recent sermon was given on September 11 of this year. Here is the substance of that message.

Four years ago most of us were riveted to our televisions and radios watching and listening to the horror unfold in Washington DC and New York City as our nation was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists. The images of the twin towers falling and people running for their lives–and jumping to their deaths–are, for many of us, indelibly etched into our minds. (finish reading the article)

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4 Responses to “Responding biblically to disasters”

  1. Tom,

    You and your family are welcomed to stay with the Morgan Family in North Atlanta. I know it’s a long haul for you guys but call me if you need a place. Also, thank you for your leadership with Founders and your desire to see the SBC return to what it once believed. I just finished reading PH Mell on Predestination and it sad to see how far Baptists have drifted. I’m teaching our new church on this doctrine as I teach through our church confession of faith(1689) tonight. Even the anti calvinist of Mell’s day were much stronger than the men today. They are both wrong !I’m personally ready and hopefully other bloggers are as well to stand up and speak out directly to the men in the SBC that want to stop the preaching of the doctrines of grace.It’s time lets not wait any longer. We must be lovingly bold.

  2. Tom,
    Thank you for this pastoral response to disasters. Cultural correctness tries to seduce us into making apologies for God in the face of these disasters. Your post is a good demonstration of loving, biblical, pastoral honesty.


  3. Tom,
    We will be praying for Y’alls (texan) safety in the midst of the storm. Thank you for your obedience to God, as you have been a wonderful blessing to myself, and our church…I am…

    grateful for grace.


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