satire-Join the Soul-a-Month club for $48.00


How much would you expect to pay to see one soul saved? Ten thousand dollars? One hundred thousand? As Bailey Smith, former president of the SBC, points out, “[in] some churches it cost[s] $100,000 to $300,000 to see one convert.” But now, thanks to Bailey Smith Ministries, you don’t have to pay that much. NO! Why, you don’t even have to pay one thousand dollars…nor even one hundred dollars!

According to advertizing on his website, Bailey Smith can get you a soul saved for a mere $48.00!!! That’s right. You read the numbers correctly. By donating $48.00 a month to Bailey Smith ministries you can secure the salvation of one soul a month. That is why he has formed the “Soul-a-month ministry.” For every $48.00 given to the Bailey Smith ministries, he promises to get one soul saved.

Here is part of his pitch:

No, don’t reach out to touch someone – reach out to save someone by helping them to the cross of the Lord Jesus.

This is an incredible deal. But wait!! There’s more. Now saving souls can also benefit you when the tax man comes around. That’s right! Read the assurance of Bailey Smith for yourself:

Of course, your $48.00 each month to save a soul is tax-deductible.

Save a soul and save on your income tax! And this is from his PS:

Please make your check to Bailey Smith Ministry. Some are giving $96.00 a month representing a soul for the husband and wife.

There is no indication of whether this comes with a money-back guarantee. Or maybe there is an upgraded program where for twice the money the souls that are “saved” will last longer than 6 months.

(HT to Scott Slayden and Jeremy Moore)

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