The Flawed Logic of Naturalism and Homosexuality

As a biology undergrad student I encountered many with whom I disagreed about the origin of the universe. As a Christian, I rejected outright every claim that humans are the result of randomly colliding cosmic particles sent hurling about by some prehistoric explosion (the origin of which was, curiously, unexplained and unimportant). When I would voice my questions and raise my doubts about evolutionary claims, I usually was written off as some simple minded fundamentalist who hadn’t yet come to grips with the ‘scientific fact’ of evolution.
Along with this evolutionary bias, most of my professors and fellow students were vocal proponents of progressive cultural ideals. This was not surprising, given the overwhelming liberal majority found in academia today, even in a university in the heart of the South. What was surprising was that these science professors, who claimed to be ruled by the twin masters of rationality and demonstrable facts, were proponents of both evolution and homosexuality. I found these to be somewhat confusing bedfellows for two reasons:

1. Evolutionary scientists determine biological fitness based upon the ability to pass on genetic information. If homosexuality were looked at from a purely evolutionary perspective, the inability to pass on genetic information (i.e., bear children) would deem it at least an evolutionary anomaly, and at worst, an evolutionary mutation or aberration.

2. If a naturalistic worldview is correct and we are merely the result of random collisions of molecules and biological interactions, then the claim that homosexuality is purely the result of genetics could be true. However, related to the previous point, if the ‘homosexual’ gene is truly the cause of homosexual desires, that gene would have been ‘naturally selected’ out of the gene pool long ago. The inability for homosexuals to pass on genetic information would have meant that the ‘homosexuality’ gene would have gone extinct long ago.

Sadly, this is not what we have seen today. Since homosexuality has become not only socially accepted but also socially promoted, the number of professing gays has seemed to skyrocket. How does one reconcile the expected evolutionary ‘selection’ that would remove the ‘homosexual gene’ from the gene pool with the demonstrable increase in homosexuality?

The Bible teaches us that God originally made marriage to be between a man and a woman. Starting in Genesis 1 with the very first instance of marriage, God has shown us that this is the only true union. The apostle Paul later tells us that marriage is a picture of the glorious mystery of the gospel (Eph. 5:32). This picture is enduring and was purposely designed into the fabric of society from the very beginning.

Any disruption of this one-man + one-woman pattern (homosexuality, adultery, unbiblical divorce, fornication…) is a distortion of God’s designed plan for human flourishing, and a missing of the mark in terms of our responsibilities. Since the fall of humanity in Adam, sexual sin has been tearing apart families and leading people down the path of destruction. Paul warns us to, “flee sexually immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body” (1 Cor. 6:18). This goes not just for homosexuality, but also for fornication, adultery, divorce, and all other sexual sin.

The Good News is that God has sent a Savior, His Son Jesus, to succeed where we have failed. Jesus came to redeem sinners, even homosexuals, fornicators, and adulterers. As believers, we mustn’t think that any sinner guilty of sexual sin is too far gone. Christ’s work is sufficient for any who would repent and believe the truth. As pastors, we mustn’t let societal pressures dictate what we will or will not call sin. Just like all other sexual sin, homosexuality must be clearly preached against, even in the face of societal (or, heaven forbid, governmental) persecution.
As the culture grows increasingly hostile to biblical truths, the church must not only decry sexual sin. We must also strive to model, through the power of Christ, what true biblical marriage and love should be. May our example and our proclamation ever emulate the truth found in God’s Word.

Jon English Lee

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