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Our goal is to provide a forum for analyzing and discussing issues that relate to the work of biblical reformation in the churches throughout the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond. By “biblical reformation” we do not mean the promotion of a man, a system or a movement. We mean the ongoing re-formation of churches along biblical lines. A motto that arose out of the 16th century reformation recognizes this need. The reformers declared the need for “the church reformed, always reforming.” So it should be. Any church leader who does not see this need is simply naive. Another way to state it is that a church needs to be growing–always growing according to the Word of God. If the church growth movement had not so effectively co-opted such terminology we could just as readily use it. But today, “church growth” is measured almost exclusively in terms of numbers and statistics, a standard to which 2 Peter 3:18 will not submit.

So, with this introduction, feel free to read, enjoy, agree, disagree, comment or lurk.

-Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders MInistries

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6 Responses to “Welcome to the new Founders Ministries Blog”

  1. I’m thrilled to see this blog. God has used the Founders Ministries powerfully in my life. May God bless you in this as well.

  2. Jerry Schaeffer

    Thanks, Tom, for exposing the comments by Steve Lemke and Bobby Welch about the Founders. They are passing off wrong information as truth. Isn’t that a violation of the Ninth Commandment about bearing false witness?

  3. I disagree with the opening statement of re-formation is the same as growth in the Lord. If something is RE-formed it was something in the beginning and has to be changed to something else. by definition the first model is not as perfect as the ones after it. In truth the definition of the word reformed is: To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition. Please do not forget we did not come from the reformation,(coming out of catholisism)we are baptists therefore the reformed theology is a complete misnomer. Growth however refers to not a (re)forming of something but to a building up of the current object, not recreating it. Even God fearing men can and (believe it or not) are often wrong in “some” theological beliefs of “theirs.” Look in Acts at Peter when Paul had to set him straight. The christian walk is about a relationship with God the Father, that is what the Bible is all about in relation to us coming to know and growing in Christ Jesus. (Not as a Whole mind you, so please don’t take this as a bashing, please)But I have yet to see anyone who adhears to a reformed theology viewpoint grow (through their viewpoint)into a closer relationship with God, because in its essence it states God will do what God will do, regardless of you. They are typically (agian not a bash, just from what I’VE seen)so driven to make others fall in line with this view that they do not spend AS MUCH time in discipleship of christian charactor, or reaching the lost souls of the world, becuase they are so focused on get others to their viewpoint. If God is about a relationship then by its very nature MUST be a mutual commitment between two people, however in a relationship, it must be initiated by someone, and committed to by the other (since the initiator is already stating desire for said commitment). I see no contradiction in Gods soverenty and mans freedom to choose. Can God not be so soverine that He WANTS all to come to Him, but KNOWS not all will. So His soverenty states (due to His forknowledge) there are some created for Him and others damnation. Not becuase He chose them to be dammed but we chose ourselves and HE calls them what they WILL be, just like He calls believers Holy, sinless, and pure. We are not (while alive) any of those but He still calls us (NOW) what we shall be. So to it is with the lost, not that He chose them to be seperated but due to their future choice, He still allowed them to come into existence and calls them what they will be. Vessels of dishonor that He created (allowed to be even though they will choose against Him)that he may be glorified even in thier choice. So His soverenty is still absolute because He still has absolute control over all things. I find His Love more so present in this viewpoint because scripture backs up this point consistanly without contradiction of His charactor. However, I still love you all in the Lord and I say continue to Preach Christ in Love and let the gates of Hell tremble at OUR comming in the Name of our LORD. – AMEN


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